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1. By using HOUSEHOLD.LK Products & Services, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, You may not access or use our Products & Services. HOUSEHOLD.LK may modify the Terms and Conditions at any time, and such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms & Conditions. You agree to review the Terms and Conditions periodically to be aware of such modifications and your continued access or use of the Service shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified Terms & Conditions. The latest version of HOUSEHOLD.LK Terms & Conditions are available on www.household.com/terms website. HOUSEHOLD.LK shops and website and all information, content, materials, products, software and services included on or otherwise made available to you as on availability basis. Unless otherwise specified in writing HOUSEHOLD.LK make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the products, services, operations or the information provided, You expressly agree that your use of our products and services are at your sole risk.

2. HOUSEHOLD.LK provide Limited 6 Months Warranty for the phones we sell.* Limited 6 Months Device Warranty is limited to manufacture defects and only hold true for doing the repair, giving the same or similar item in return. No refund. A period of 15 to 30 working days will be required for any repair/ replacement of the defective items. We try our best to make it as quick as possible. We are not responsibility for the particular item availability, operational or shipping delays during the .
3. Accessories, headphones, chargers, cables, electronic spare parts and repairs have no warranty and will not be refunded. Please check immediately, ideally before you leave the premises for any sign of unintended or malfunction. If defective please inform immediately and return within maximum 3 days of the purchase. The same or similar item may be given for fair reasons. If you do not inform us or return the defective items within 3 days of the purchase, we consider the items are working as expected and we have no further responsibility, obligation or liability over late repercussions.
4. The warranty covered for carry in service. We do not visit your premises for service, repair, software support or any other reason.
5. Goods once sold will not be taken back without a fair reason. The company management decision will be the final. Though we try our best we can not recommend what best suited for your needs since the modern mobile and accessory market is very sophisticated. Please do your homework before you buy.
6. Any sort of physical damage, water, heat, drop, electrical damages, unauthorized modification, tempering, software updates, modifications, jailbreaking, root access, cases or covers that prevent the heat circulation or ventilation will permanently void your warranty. All modern gadgets have water, electric, heat, drop, shock sensors that can be identified by the technicians. Voltage fluctuations and lightning surges are common place in Sri Lanka hence we always recommend you to use a voltage stabilizer guards and other safety precautions with phones, charges and other electronics.
7. Due to the complexity and verity of hardware and mobile software platforms we do not provide software warranties, help, support or troubleshooting of any kind. We have no responsibility for any of software related issues you incur due to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac software systems, apps or any of intended or unintended over-the-air (OTA) updates, fixes or software rollout process.

8. Listed prices are specifically cash only for the benefit of the customer. We do not hide bank merchant charges in item prices.
9. All Credit/ Debit Card Payments, Installment Schemes and their rates are governed by the relevant issuer banks. We do not have any bearing on these. Please refer to your bank for clarifications. (Eg: HSBC/ Amex Credit Cards & Merchant Terms)
10. We do not maintain all the inventory items in our shops to give the customers the best current market price advantage. Please confirm the exact model with a 10% advance payment we will get your unit ASAP at the best possible market price. This is for your own price and latest model advantage.

11. We do phone repairs as an additional service to you. Do not consider it as compulsory. We do not have professional facilities to do the inspections or on site repairs while you wait. Please hand over the units to our sales staff and we will return your device ASAP as first come, first serve basis. Estimated repair cost and the timing is for your guidance only. Let us know in advance if you need an estimate inspection before hand. An inspection means we have to dismantle your phone to check the internals, hence a charge will be applicable even if you do not intend to do the repair at the same time. Also certain spare parts and technical inspections are not readily avalable off-the-shelf. We cannot predict accurate timing on particular spare parts availability or board repairs. We are not responsible for any of operational, parts or technical delays.
12. Device troubleshooting and repairs may require software update, hardware, data or a factory reset. The procedure will erase all your user data that can not be retrieved. We always recommend using a regular backup solution (iCloud/ Google Account/ Dropbox) when the device is in normal use. Your device password and account details may be required by the technicians for the device diagnosis, sensor checks, resets and repairs. Therefore please turn off any of those services before you handover the unit or our technicians may not be able to perform proper service on your device. We are not responsible for any kind of data loss in possession.
13. Please retain all your accessories, Memory Cards, SIMs, Charger, Cable, Battery and Cases with you when you hand over the device. We are not responsible for any missing items.
14. Software or hardware updates, factory or data reset may yield irreversible and unexpected results. Such as reduced battery life, app incompatibility, personal data loss, phones getting locked or some other unforeseen issues. We are not responsible for any of such issues or consequences.
15. Please inform us in advance if you have an extra sensitive or critical data to protect. We value your privacy. We are not responsible for any kind of data breach.
16. Be specific and truthful of what happened to your device. Dropped, broken, water, corrosion, oxidation, heat, electric or physical damages may have prolonged side effects even after the repair. We are not responsible for whatever the after claims, malfunctions, repercussions or subsequent failures which may or may not have bearing on drop or water damage repairs.
17. Always bring in the original bill to collect your item. We will not release items without the original bill.
18. Please collect your items within 14 days of the notice. We have no further responsibility, obligation or liability for uncollected items after 14 days.
19. All manufactures now make modern electronics as disposable items. They want you to buy a brand new one when they break. Once broken do not expect miracle cures to fix them. Electronics are like life form, delicate, fragile and unpredictable. So please preserve and protect it.

20. Phone unlocking possibility, price and the reliability depend on many factors. Provide us your phone's IMEI number along with the official carrier (Operator/ Network) of the country of origin by a written note. (SMS, WhatsApp). Additional information such as phone manufacturer brand, model, software version will be helpful for a quick response. We need the full payment in advance for factory unlocks to proceed. It's a remote process done by third party agents that will take 3 to 30 days or more. If the unlock was not successful your money may be refunded.
21. Refund for unlocks will not be possible if you provided us with misinformation. Such as the carrier, device manufacturer, model, IMEI, country of origin, reported stolen, blacklisted or insurance claimed phone. Mobile phone operators (carriers) or their agents do not provide us refunds or explanations in such cases. We are not responsible for any of those repercussions.
22. Once unlocked, even factory unlocks may be re-locked, de-activated, rejected by the official carrier or by a software update for undisclosed reasons. Mobile phone operators (carriers) or their agents do not provide us explanations or refunds in such cases. We are not responsible for any of those repercussions.

23. All the modern mobile devices with IMEI numbers, GPS or the internet bound accounts are globally traceable. If you provide us with a lost or stolen product you are liable and subject to all the law enforcement inquiries and procedures under the law. We are not responsible for any of those repercussions.
24. All Apple devices after 2013 comes with a special Apple iTunes iColud Account with Find My Phone Activation Lock feature to prevent device theft and misplacement. It is for your own device protection. Please do not allow strangers/ children to use or play with your Apple iTunes iColud Account, Touch ID or numeric password enabled phone. If you or someone set it and forget the Apple iTunes iCloud Account, Touch ID or the numeric password without proper recovery measures your device will permenatly be locked and rendered useless. Neither we or any third party, nor Apple itself can recover your device, account or passwords if you have not set proper recovery methods in advance. We are not responsible for any of such consequences.
25. Please collect your items within 14 days of the notice. There may be an additional retain charge after 14 days. All uncollected/ unclaimed items or payments after 30 days will be annulled and become company property and discarded from our system. We have no further responsibility, obligation or liability for any such items, payments or claims.
26. Your use of HOUSEHOLD.LK products and services are subject to HOUSEHOLD.LK Terms & Conditions. HOUSEHOLD.LK reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at our sole discretion. The latest version of HOUSEHOLD.LK Terms & Conditions are available on www.household.com/terms website.
Last Revision: March 2018

*DISCLAIMER: All Apple products have One Year International Warranty for Manufacture Defects. You can claim from any Apple Store but Apple Inc. does not have a local representation or extend support towards Sri Lanka for iPhone and iPads. Also Sri Lanka does not have an official Apple Store. Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC licensed under IPHONION LANKA) does not specially endorse, approve or cover any of Apple iOS products. Considering all the above reasons we offer you our own 6 Months Limited Company Warranty on Hardware Defects based on Original Manufacture's Terms & Conditions for the benefit of the Sri Lankan customer. Further Apple Inc. does not provide Sri Lanka any official dealer discount prices so we buy our Apple devices from third party suppliers at open retail price or even higher. Due to these factors we really do not make profit on device sales unless covering our basic logistic and operational expenses. Hence we cannot guarantee one-to-one replacement at our expense. We do this because we like our Sri Lankan customers to have the option of choice to experience arguably the world's best number one consumer electronic brand, Apple. where as hundreds of cheap Chinese, Indian and other products flood the market at wholesale price points. We like our Sri Lankan consumers to have the opportunity to experience the original and trend setting secure Apple iOS devices from Apple Inc. We are professionals in all of the Apple iOS Products we deal with and confident that we can always give you a fair resolution for any of your Apple iOS Products related issues.

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