We IPHONION LANKA and our online subsidiary HOUSEHOLD.LK try to support Sri Lanka’s growing need for premium household products and mobile phone accessories.


Started around year 2009 as a hobby to cater to surrounding Apple fans, it was a venture of passion, fashion and a trend which became a business. 

From the days since the Desktop Publishing made revolutions in press and print media the world was fascinated by Apple magic. It's a little known fact that most of the innovations in modern computers and software saga was made simple & made available to the people out of testing labs by Apple Inc.

Let it be our indispensable Personal Computer, Graphical User Interface (GUI), mouse, PostScript TrueType fonts , USB, Firewire, WIFI (AirPort), Multi-Touch and many other modern stuff made famous by Apple Inc. It's long before Windows PCs became dominant. Then Apple made famous by revolutionizing the Digital Music/ Mobile Revolution introducing the legendary iPod, follow up iPhone and iPad; all three devices revolutionized their respective industry and beyond. To name a few from Music Labels (remember Casettes/ CD/ DVDs/ MP3s, VHS Movies, eBooks & Office Package Software), Smartphone (remember Nokia/ Balcberry)) and iMac leading Macs and Computer Industry . Then iPhone itself single handedly revolutionized the software and content delivery industry with AppStore digital content delivery and SAAS software as a service model famously known as Apps

The very oncept of Apps & SAAS or rather Business Model like iTunes & App Store has forever changed the way people interact with technology. From the begining Apple keeps making complicated technology simpler for the common people to use.

The wonderful high-tech gear Apple originated has influenced every aspect of our lives. They ignited a plethora of copy-cat look-alike devices and imitated technology services. From iPod, iMac, iPhone to iPad everyone seems to have no alternative but to “counterfeit” Apple’s successful devices and services today now you see as Samsung Galaxy, Google Play, Amazon Fire and Microsoft Zune and Surface initiatives.

Here We are, IPHONION LANKA & HOUSEHOLD.LK together help you to indulge in this new wonderful technology induced future, helping to figure out as it best suited to all of us.

When you dive in to this FAGA inspired-new-universe (Facebook/Apple/Google/ Amazon), you will find our services are helpful, valuable, up-to-date with a professionally sound team of people. An older iPhone you had unlocked, a problem you may have had, famous “Connect to iTunes” locked iPhone, software updates, app installations have come a long way since. That in return helped us to stay on this course. As always it’s the great customers like you who help us to keep adding meaning to this venture!

As always, it’s a pleasure to be at your service. Thank you for your patronising!

Best Regards,

Nawinna | Hyde Park Corner - Hyde Park Pickup Centre